Traccia is a RESEARCH LABORATORY for the ICT and Robotic sectors, and is registered with the Ministry of Scientific Research and Higher Education (in accordance with art. 14 of M.D. no. 593 of 08/08/2000). An important result as Small and Medium Enterprises that decide to benefit from the support of research labs such as ours can obtain interesting grants and incentives.
The Company routinely invests in Research and Development and in the constant update of the knowledge of its professionals, as we firmly belie that Know-How is the key to creating advanced solutions.
Relations and technological exchanges with companies throughout Italy, now enable the Traccia Team to keep pace with the times, adopting the most advanced techniques for the benefit of an increasingly specialized and competitive production.

Key completed or under development projects:

  • T(MP)2 – Predictive Medicine and Proximity Medicine’s Technologies (Program’s Contracts for Large Single Enterprises or with participating SMEs – Puglia Region) (Operazione cofinanziata con il Fondo Europeo di Sviluppo Regionale Puglia POR Puglia 2014 – 2020 ‘Investiamo nel vostro futuro’ Asse I – Obiettivo specifico 1a – Azione 1.1 (R&S); Asse I – Obiettivo specifico 1a – Azione 1.3 Innovazione tecnologica); Asse III – Obiettivo specifico 3a – Azione 3.1 (Attivi Materiali))
  • 4FRAILTY – Smart sensors, Infrastructure and management models for the security of frail people (Avviso per la presentazione di progetti di ricerca industriale e sviluppo sperimentale nelle 12 aree di specializzazione individuate dal PNR 2015-2020 – Decreto Direttoriale n. 1735 del 13 luglio 2017) – codice progetto n. ARS01_00345, CUP: B36G18000480005
  • Sì-Ca.Re. (Monitoring and care’s Integrated system for patient with Cardio-Renal syndrome) – New model of hospital-territory integration for home care of patients with heart failure and Chronic kidney disease. (Call INNONETWORK – Puglia Region)
  • PRE.MED. – Innovative and integrated platform for the predictive diagnosis of the risk of progression of chronic kidney disease, targeted therapy and proactive assistance for patients with autosomal dominant polycystic genetic disease (PON MISE 2014-2020 “HORIZON2020” – ASSE I Priorità di investimento 1b Azione 1.1.3 – Progetto n. F/050065/01-02/X32)
  • “SMART HEALTH” National Operational Programme Research&Competitiveness 2007-2013 Smart Cities and Communities and Social Innovation
  • PRISMA “PiattafoRme cloud Interoperabili per SMArt-government” National Operational Programme Research&Competitiveness 2007-2013 Smart Cities and Communities and Social Innovation
  • UBI-CARE “UBIquitous knowledge-oriented healthCARE” Regional Operational Programme 2007-2013 ERDF Convergence Objective AXIS I – 1.2-Action 1.2.4
  • ASK-Health “Advanced system for the interpretation and sharing of knowledge in the healthcare sector”
  • “System for the integration and control of information flow related to the process of organ transplant and donation”
  • “Development of a software prototype for the Proactive Clinical Risk Management in Nephrology and Dialysis Services”
  • “Advanced Web-Oriented Grid Asp for Brokerage Services Network and the Cultural Tourism Industry”
  • “Advanced system for the determination of the condition of Meteomarine Climate and Marine Traffic in the Mediterranean through the use of remote sensing images”
  • Theme 15 of the National Research Programme for Oncology – “Information technology and computer systems for the integrated management of clinical oncology”
  • Research Act 448 – “Peritoneal Dialysis: Patient-Physician Interaction through the use of Internet technology (Web-Based and WAP)”
  • Theme 7 of the National Research Programme for Telemedicine – “Monitoring of outpatient dialysis therapy and perinatal medicine”



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