Patient Case History and Ward Management

The system is designed to manage the specific requirements and operational procedures of each single hospital ward.
The wards are independently responsible for providing and updating the Clinical Repository. Together they provide a global view of the health facility, ensuring the correct administration of organizational services and management aspects of every ward.

The System includes the following web based applications:
1. SIREP Dashboard:

  • Map of bed places
  • Hospitalization (daily count of routine hospitalizations and discharges per ward)
  • Operating room shifts
  • Module pandemic surveillance
  • Management of anatomical pathologies
  • Hospitalization report (routine and outpatient)
  • Archive of patient case history
  • Patient Discharge Form processing confirmation
  • Ward report
  • Surgery activity report
  • Bed management;

2. Patient case history record;
3. Surgery register;
4. Anaesthesiology register;
5. Agenda to book hospitalizations;
6. Agenda to book out-patients visits;
7. Listing of file numbers for paper-based case history archive;
8. Request histocytological examination.


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