Management of Medical and Dental Surgeon Registers

It is a software product for the management of Medical and Dental Surgeon Registers.
It supports all the management and administrative activities of a Medical Association, authorizing the attendance cycle of a registered member, from the moment of registration to the moment the member is cancelled from the register.

It has a modular structure and is very user friendly.
It helps to:

  • streamline the Association’s personnel activities;
  • automate communication of information to external bodies (FNOMCEO, ENPAM, Town Halls, Universities… );
  • manage Roles with different collection agencies (Banks, Post Offices…), with proof of payment;
  • manage health advertising;
  • manage complete cycle of disciplinary procedures;
  • obtain lists of registered members subdivided per Association, Specialization, Special lists…;
  • produce customized report, through the selection of registered members based on multiple parameters (time period based on date of birth, degree, length of service…);
  • get registration cards in different formats (badge, card with bar code) to identify registered members;
  • manage polls, with real-time verification that the legal number has been reached, during voting sessions to renew association offices;
  • obtain printouts in electronic forma based on PDF standards.


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