Patient Medical Records for Nephrology, Dialysis and Organ Transplant

Quality System Certificate of software solution Gepadial

It supports all of the ward’s administrative and management activities, allowing the retrieval, in terms of scientific knowledge, of a precious wealth of information, which accumulates on a day-to-day basis with clinical routine procedures.
Clinical summaries and special functionalities allow doctors to have a temporal view of the patient’s clinical status.

It is made up of specific software modules: Dialysis, Transplant; Out Patients, Hospital Stay and Day-hospital, integrated to ensure the complete management of a patient.
The modular nature of the application makes it possible to opt for a gradual computerisation of the ward, allowing doctors and nurses to familiarize themselves with the functionalities of the software step by step, evaluate the advantages it offers and subsequently proceed with further module integrations.
The Research and Decision Support module offers a flexible and powerful data research, processing and analysis tool.


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