Management of Potential Organ Donors

It is a web based software system to share clinical information of potential organ donors in real-time within a network of Regional and Interregional organizations involved in the various notification-donation-removal-transplant phases of the organ and tissue transplant process.

The system consists of the following software applications:

  • GEDON ORGANS manages the whole evaluation process of a potential donor and of the quality of the organs (kidney, pancreas, liver, lung, heart);
  • GEDON TISSUES has the functionalities to manage comprehensive data for each step of the process: donation, removal, evaluation, storage and distribution of the tissue;
  • BRAIN INJURY REGISTER aims to identify and monitor the clinical epidemiology of patients with traumatic brain injury during CPR, and the efficiency of the whole donation process;
  • EMERGENCY SERVICE MONITORING supports the organizational in-hospital system to guarantee the evaluation and monitoring of patients with severe brain damage (ictus, head injury, cerebral hemorrhage, cerebral neoformation) in order to carry out monitoring and evaluation activities of potential organ and tissue donors.

GEDON furthermore allows users to:

  • scan all relevant documents in order to ensure a comprehensive electronic archive of potential donor clinical data;
  • send alert messages via SMS or email during the identification-donation-removal-transplant process.


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